Make Your Vote Count

Make Your Vote Count

Don’t wait till Election Day to make your vote count!

Early voting allows citizens to have flexibility in choosing when to cast their ballots, accommodating busy schedules and unforeseen circumstances. It reduces long lines and congestion at polling stations on Election Day, ensuring a smoother and more efficient voting process for everyone involved. Additionally, early voting provides ample time for voters to research candidates and issues thoroughly, leading to more informed decisions.

  • Voting early is easy, secure and convenient in DuPage County. You can avoid the crowds and waiting in line on Election Day.
  • By voting early, you are helping to get more of our Republican candidates get elected.
Early In-person Voting

Use our interactive map to find the early in-person polling place nearest to you. It’s easy and convenient!

Permanent Mail-in Voting

Use the link below to request a mail-in voting application. It’s safe and secure!

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